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Frequently Asked Questions


WhichEmoji has a minimum segment size. This means that data will not show if the selection is less than this number. WhichEmoji has been designed in such a way to protect your people, allowing them the freedom to express themselves without feeling that responses will be reverse-engineered to find out who says what. Anonymity is of paramount important.

How can i get my people to use the app?

The mobile app is accessible for anybody with a smart phone, and is the first time they will be able to have a voice so easily. WhichEmoji is incentivised, and your people will earn WeCoins each time they express how they feel through the app. WeCoins are redeemeable through the shop on the app, allowing for people to exchange earned WeCoins for a number of different things. e.g. vouchers, day off etc.

This kind of system usually benefits larger organisations, does whichemoji support use from sme's?

WhichEmoji has all organisations in mind. The main goal is to build the resilience of your people, and giving them a voice is vitally important to retaining and empowering the talent within your people. SME’s are actively encouraged to give WhichEmoji a go, all the data analysis is still powerful for smaller teams, and the recommendations we provide are appropriate on any level.

I am used to NPS based systems, what makes whichemoji more usable?

NPS has been around for a long time and has no doubt served a purpose. WhichEmoji uses Emoji’s however, which first of all is universally understood. There is no doubting what our Emoji’s mean and so there is less room for interpretation. Secondly, people should not just be boxed in under a number, people feel, and WhichEmoji allows your people to express how they feel in a way that is understood, engaging, and simple.

How is data analysed?

When your people submit emoji responses through the app, it collects all of this data in the web dashboard, which is accessible to team leaders/ supervisors / managers/ directors etc. WhichEmoji then takes those responses and displays them in a number of ways for you to access and find out what you need to know in an intelligently simple way. The features that have been built into WhichEmoji are powerful; Emoji’s can be tracked over employment time, or by specific groups of people, and can be turned into reports by using the simple interface.

You can also send out surveys to target groups, allowing your people to respond to statements on an Emoji scale. WhichEmoji has spent countless hours tailoring statements so that we can align them to your company values, allowing you to access the data that matters most to you.

Once you have found out where your people are on the Emoji Barometre, we have carefully crafted a recommendations centre, which enables you to learn healthy ways in which to improve the culture for your people, building their resilience.


Your people will have access to use an app, and will be the way in which data is collected. From the app, your people will be able to input emoji’s, fill in surveys, and purchase rewards using WeCoins, which are earned from consistent engagement with the app.

It is designed to be as unintrusive as possible, aligning to our mission statement of Intelligently Simple, Universally Understood. WhichEmoji should integrate seamlessly into daily work life.