The WhichEmoji Dashboard

The WhichEmoji web dashboard gives you access to revolutionary insights, showing you the real-time analytics of your people’s voice, allowing you to make better and more effective people decisions.


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What A Difference It Makes When Your People Feel Engaged

The WhichEmoji dashboard allows you to view your data in many different ways. It can track your employees emotions across their career, showing you where your people begin to fall through the cracks, so you can ensure you retain the talent that has grown within your organisation. You can easily send surveys to your people, to gather deeper understanding  of how your people really feel.


When your people express an emoji through the mobile app, it feeds directly into your WhichEmoji dashboard, allowing you to track in real-time, the engagement level of your workplace, enabling you to make smarter, better, and more effective people decisions.


Emojis are now universally understood, and WhichEmoji is leading the way in capturing emotions as raw data. The web dashboard provides you with all the detail you could want, from filters and comparisons, to creating surveys and running reports, all the way to tracking the employee journey of all of your people.


Based on years’ of research and experience working with real people, WhichEmoji can provide you with recommendations that are insightful, realistic and achievable, enabling you to shape your company into a much healthier workplace.

Real-Time Analytics That Are Truly Real-Time

Keeping your finger on the pulse in any organisation is wildly important, as you want to be able to make the best decisions for your people when they need it the most. WhichEmoji is truly real-time, when your people use the app and record how they feel, you will see it show on your dashboard instantaneously.

A Story That Lasts A Lifetime


WhichEmoji gives you incredibly useful insights into how your people have felt across various stages of their career.

There’s points in everyone’s career where they can slip through the cracks of the organisation, but having access to data to tell you where those cracks are, may give your people the fighting chance they deserve.

Your Insights, and Our Improvement Ideas Go Hand In Hand

It’s not enough anymore to just be shown the data, it now needs to inform change. No matter which emoji your organisation is at, there is always room to change and adapt to the times.

WhichEmoji provides your organisation with tested and proven recommendations so that you can implement change at any level.

WhichEmoji can benefit any work culture whether at high or low engagement; we have worked with organisations across multiple sectors over a number of years, and the WhichEmoji way has resonated and echoed every time.

The cherry on top is that you can send surveys to your people based on specific recommendations, so you can know whether it is an area that will benefit the culture.