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Once in a while you work with people who get it

This is our story. A group of us who have worked in leadership and management, education, creative industry and processes came together to try the WhichEmoji experiment; can we work in a way that continually creates and atmosphere where our talent is used, the atmosphere is astonishing and where we can believe in what we do.


We started WhichEmoji because we believe that people are an organisation’s most important asset. If you can build a strong, engaged, people-first culture, then the success of the business will naturally follow.

What we really, really, really value

Be You: The focus on authenticity and talent

Creating an environment where we feel that we can be ourselves and use our talent. The area if authenticity and talent is embodied within IDENTITY and establishing an atmosphere where we can use our unique talent and learn to create better solutions through challenge and failure. When we discover and are recognised/appreciated for who we are and for what we do, the Be You has been met.

Be Kind: The focus on Belonging

Working in a culture that is kind creates belonging, where we can work better and are part of a TRIBE not a ‘clique’. Attention is placed on raising the positive attributes of astonishing kindness and empathy. The moment we feel that we are working in an emotionally ‘safe’ environment then engagement increases. This is the 3B of Be Kind.

Be Involved: The focus on the horizon

The value of vision or getting ‘stuff’ done is the aspect of creating an environment where we know why we are doing what we do. In essence we become part of a bigger VILLAGE delivering the vision of the organization. Executing an organizations highest priority is underpinned by a clarity for each of us to know what part we play in the vision.

We always start with why

This is our vision.

Creating a digital voice for the many, enabling organisations to excel.

Meet the team


Chief Emoji & MD

I believe the best thing I can do is create an environment where talented people can feel they are making a contribution and using their skills, in a culture that has genuine belonging where we collectively get ‘stuff’ done.


Finance Emoji & Details Director

I love making sure that all projects are perfect. I am like the ‘earthing cable’ that brings life to a potential idea. I keep questioning and executing systematically whilst maintaining creative ideas at the centre.


Operations Emoji & Leadership Operations Manager

If I can have a check list, then I am the happiest person on the planet. That’s what I do! I make sure things get done, I check that we are all on the same page  and talk to everyone to make sure they are involved.


Creative Emoji & Designer

I am like the lightning rod that takes ideas and makes them into reality. I totally love being creative, whether it is woodwork, art, graphic design or building furniture. Speak to me and I’ll make it happen!


Opportunist Emoji & Development Lead

I like to find what is waiting to be discovered. I dig deep to establish what the final project could look like for clients. I’ll ask the difficult questions so clients know we have understood what they want.

Want to be part of this ‘i’m in’ company?

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