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Build loyalty through feedback

Fast feedback in real-time

Give your customers a voice with our smart solutions that provide fast feedback in real-time so you know exactly how your customer are feeling, right now.

Use configurable, real-time dashboards to monitor and compare results and discover issues quickly with live alerts.

Improving Service

Feedback in real-time will ensure you know exactly how your customers are feeling, right now. We can take you beyond scores and ratings to understand why your customers feel the way they do.

Asking the right questions and knowing how to listen is key. We’re experts in this and will support you on every step of your feedback journey.


Highlight what’s most important to customers and transform customer comments and ratings into actionable insights to drive improvement. Our solutions gain feedback from non-buyers and secure voice-of-customer feedback and understand sentiment.

With real-time dashboards, monitor and compare results across sites or brands and receive alerts to concerns so you can resolve issues quickly.

Survey Stance

We can provide 3 Software Products:

Survey Kiosk: iPad Based Kiosk used to capture feedback from customers or employees in real time. Display a survey on a secure kiosk and allow users to give quick feedback by tapping an emoji.

Email Signature Survey: Web based survey designed to be placed within an email signature or help desk ticket. This will allow anyone you are corresponding with to give you quick feedback directly from the email.

Visitor Check In Software: iPad based Visitor Check In System used within your lobby to streamline the visitor check in process for your company. Check in guests, notify employees, print visitor badges, and more.

Help your Customers have a voice

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