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Drive delegate satisfaction, marketing effectiveness and event bookings through our event feedback packages.

Smart solutions for your delegates

Gain insight to improve events and exceed your delegates’ expectations using our smart event feedback packages.

Understand your delegates’ needs, wants and expectations and increase repeat bookings, revenue and return on investment.

Better understand delegate behaviours and gauge market opportunities, building on loyalty and enhancing your brand.

Great events begin with feedback

Simply and effectively capture delegates’ thoughts as they arrive, experience and leave your event and quickly get all the feedback insight you need to create future events that people love to attend.

Better understand delegate behaviours and gauge market opportunities. Build loyalty and enhance your brand. Manage the expectations of visitors to your conferences and events.


Our solutions give you the information you need to understand what it takes to create events that people will talk about and want to come back to. Which Emoji alerts you to issues in real-time; for example, if there are any issues with washroom facilities or event signage. We can provide you with satisfaction data to use in further event marketing activities.

We take care of everything – from your brief we set up your feedback devices, deliver them to your conference or event, take care of all reporting requirements and look after feedback device collection.

Help your delegates have a voice

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