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The intelligent way to find out what really matters to students


Use our student feedback solutions to improve your league table rankings and find out what really matters to your students. Increase student response rates and respond to issues in real-time to remove sources of dissatisfaction. Which Emoji shows your students that you’re listening and acting on what you hear and allows you to supplement national surveys like NSS with our ‘always-on’ real-time feedback solutions.

Find out what really matters to YOUR STUDENTS

Students need an environment in which to thrive; a place to enjoy with access to facilities and resources that support their development and growth. A high-quality student experience leads to outstanding achievement, progression and employability outcomes for all.

In-the-moment feedback, directly from your students, will help you to develop a provision that enhances their student experience on your campus.

The Real Student experience

What do your students think and say about your university?

Finding out what your students really think isn’t easy, but our solution helps you get closer to them & find out where the weaker areas of the student experience lie.


Use feedback to make events more effective to ensure recruitment targets are met. Open days and faculty events can utilise live alerts to respond to service issues in real time . Recruitment teams can report on visitor “intent to apply” through simple rating questions


We reach to universities in the UK and internationally, gaining feedback on all aspects of the student journey from open days to libraries, sports facilities to catering.

Which Emoji can help you increase the quantity and quality of feedback from your students and shows them that you are listening and acting on what you hear. Our solutions can help you create experiences that boost you up to league table rankings with a reputation for delivering excellence and identify issues in real-time to highlight sources of dissatisfaction.

Help your students have a voice

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